Ecommerce Fulfillment

  • Leverage our Heavily Discounted UPS Shipping Rates
  • Shopping cart integrations with our systems
  • Smart B2B Order Fulfillment
  • SmartPack – A complete scan, pack and verification solution ensuring 100% accuracy and carton-level packing details
  • Promotional Inserts with orders
  • Enhanced and Customized Reporting; SKU Level details.

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Food & Beverage Industry

  • NSF-GMP, Organic and Kosher Certified Facility
  • Experience in Ingredient distribution, Packaged foods, Dietary Supplements
  • Lot Control, Expiry date, Traceability and Quarantine area support
  • Facility open for audits
  • Co-packing services available on-site
  • 5-Log Pathogen Reduction Services available on-site

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  • Full EDI Support
  • Big Box & Club Store Packaging Support
  • Import Drayage Services
  • Retailer Compliant UCC-128/GS-1 labels
  • RFID Support
  • ASN - Advance Shipment Notice transmission

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Value Added Services

  • Food Co-Packing Service on site
  • 5-Log Pathogen Reduction for Raw Seeds.
  • Amazon Selling Support
  • UPS Shipping Discounts
  • Import Drayage Services