Optimized. Quantified. Visualized.

These are the words that should describe your 3PL and supply chain management. As simple as it may seem, how many of your vendors actually get that? Your Supply Chain is as strong as the weakest link. And if you cannot quantify that, you surely want to rectify that. You went all-in to design, manufacturer and process your products. You did what you do best. Now partner with the best!

A "Visible" Supply Chain. Logistics with Logic

At SUNGISTIX, we get Logistics! Think of us as Logistics with Logic. The 3PL with Brains. Distribution with Visibility and Flexibility. With our warehouses equipped with state-of-art cloud based technologies, real-time tracking of your assets and costs, customized reporting, and full access of our system through Smart Web Portal, we are your smart partners in 3PL, Warehousing, Distribution and Fulfillment solutions.

With our Cloud based Warehouse Management Systems, you will not miss a beat with real-time inventory and costs tracking and reporting. With EDI mapping, scan intake/outtake of inventory, you will have the same pulse of your inventory and movement as being on the warehouse floor. See why we are the best:

"Smart, Integrated, and Flexible 3PL Solutions"

Value Added Services

Material Handling EquipmentMaterial Handling Equipment
Strong Regulatory SupportStrong Regulatory Support
Break Bulk ServicesBreak Bulk Services
Packaging / Copacking ServicesPackaging / Copacking Services
QC Check / Lab Services – onsiteQC Check / Lab Services – onsite
Milling / Ingredient Sizing Services – onsiteMilling / Ingredient Sizing Services – onsite
Sterilization / Pathogen Kill Step Services – onsiteSterilization / Pathogen Kill Step Services – onsite
Documentation Support - send COA/MSDS with shipmentDocumentation Support - send COA/MSDS with shipment
JIT, Just-in-Time SupportJIT, Just-in-Time Support


Smart Technology

Cloud Based SystemCloud Based System
Real-time ReportingReal-time Reporting
Lot tracking and TraceabilityLot tracking and Traceability
Customized ReportsCustomized Reports
EDI IntegrationEDI Integration
Ecommerce IntegrationEcommerce Integration
Remote location backupRemote location backup



Ocean, Air, Rail LogisticsOcean, Air, Rail Logistics
Custom BrokerageCustom Brokerage
Efficient Port drayageEfficient Port drayage
Best negotiated rates with top freight brokersBest negotiated rates with top freight brokers
Local fleet distributionLocal fleet distribution
Coast-to-Coast LTL/FTL shippingCoast-to-Coast LTL/FTL shipping