The Evolution of Warehouses

With e-commerce sales soaring over the past few years, there have been some major changes in the way people are buying and selling goods. Customers, who can buy virtually anything with a few clicks, have come to expect speed, transparency and flexibility in their online purchases. Warehouses are no longer standalone buildings used only for the storage of goods. They

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Minding the Space: Effective Warehouse Cost Reduction Strategies

Minding the Space Increasing productivity from your layout and storage space can help you reduce warehouse costs. Here are some effective warehouse cost reduction strategies: Maximize Space Productivity In many cases, a full warehouse might just imply inadequate shelving. Make sure you use the full height of your warehouse by choosing the right type of racking. Adding a mezzanine or

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3PLs: Leveraging Predictive Analytics

The journey of a product from an online shopping cart to a doorstep is complex and requires multiple stages of careful planning and painstaking attention to detail. It can be daunting to manually keep track of inventories, shipping, tracking, delivery and other aspects of the logistics process. The wealth of data generated by devices such as GPS trackers, scanners and

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What’s in store for 3PLs in the New Year?

As another year starts it’s a good time not to just reflect on what has taken place over the last year but understand, anticipate, and get excited about what a new year holds. For businesses, it is always a good time to take stock and see what direction to chart. For industries as a whole, there is a combination of

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Supply Chains In The Digital Age: A Competitive Perspective

A dynamic and fiercely competitive market, along with a not easily tied down and demanding customer, are posing challenges to businesses, including to supply chain vendors and Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs). A proliferation of channels and customer touch points is another challenge. Many retailers are opting for omni-channel approach. From their point of view, the customer has become center

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Using Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chains

Advances in storage, computing power, algorithms, and the advent of the Internet to Things (IoT) have given rise to different forms of Artificial Intelligence being applied to address challenges posed by businesses, organizations and customers. Supply chains are one such area. Supply chains are evolving from linear supply chains to digital supply networks, where numerous automated systems, such as sales,

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To 3PL or 4PL, that is the question

With changes being witnessed within the supply chain, logistics, and distribution spaces choosing the right provider can be a difficult and cumbersome process for businesses. Owning to technological advancements, increased carrier movements, and heightened delivery models, providers now can take up many different shapes and forms. For businesses it is imperative to understand their own specific provider needs and requirements

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3PLs: Going the extra mile for customers

The customer is king! Long live the customer! It is words like these that have become a constant for business across all industries. With customers being more discerning, fickle, and less brand loyal, coupled with the ease of product information and reviews online, it’s no wonder businesses have to constantly stay ahead of the curve to retain them. To ensure

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How Big Data & Analytics are transforming 3PL

With multiple sources of data and information available across the entire supply chain, 3PL businesses and providers are continuously trying to make sense of it. From CXOs to sales managers and finance VPs, the ability to leverage Big Data has become paramount. However, before any sort of analytics can be undertaken, the data (both structured and unstructured) needs to be

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