10 Ideas for a Better Packaging Design

When it comes to product packaging, businesses need to address multiple requirements instead of concentrating more on aesthetics and creativity. Put simply, a packaging design need not be outstanding but should help amplify overall sales. Designers need to understand that anything that improves the sales figures is a great addition to the branding arsenal. Therefore, certain basic principles need to be followed in order to bring forth the best possible package design for a business, regardless of the aesthetics, grandeur and appeal.

Dealing with the Competition

At present, manufacturers are concentrating on making the product look good and saleable. In the process, they keep adding innovations to the packaging designs for holding and even glorifying the products. With several designs competing for customer attention, it becomes important to focus on functionality, logistical considerations and the catered audience, for a specific one to succeed. There are certain trends which should be kept in mind while designing a package and manufacturers must be well-versed with the same.

The Target Audience

Firstly, the efficacy of a designing campaign depends on the target audience. At the end, it’s all about understanding the market and working towards fulfilling the requirements of the loyal customer base. One such example would be Apple which has been sticking to a minimalistic yet elegant packaging design for all its products; precisely for living up to the expectations of its elite customer base.

Inspirational Designs

Most manufacturers tend to ignore the product in their quest towards an appealing packaging design. Instead, the package should drive inspiration from the product and designers must incorporate the identity of the latter in the design.

Practical Packaging

Customers prefer packages which are easier to use and open. While this doesn’t mean designing a package with minimal security features, it basically aims at making the designs practical enough. A customer would never want to spend most of his or her valuable time on the package and the design must simplify his way towards the actual product instead of hindering his advances.

Planning for Sales

Brands and the associated designers must try to keep the sales quotient in mind, while zeroing in on a packaging layout. While the outlook is important, it’s all comes down to amplifying the sales via a cohesive amalgamation of packaging and marketing. Therefore, the packaging design must cater equally to the retailers, distributors and varied sales channels.

Green Packaging

The modern era urges designers to opt for sustainable layouts by making Green packaging a norm. Using eco-friendly materials actually improves the sales efforts and persuades customers into making purchases.

Customer Attention

Adding innovations and subtleness to the packaging designs is as important as making it inspirational. It isn’t easy to grab the customer attention and therefore designers must toil harder towards achieving the same.

Protecting the Product

A sturdy yet appealing package is the need of the hour. There are products which need to be handled with care and therefore designers must look to create packages which can safeguard the sheltered entity from diverse elements.

The Aspect of Production

Companies usually manufacture products in bulk and therefore the packaging designs must also fulfill the same criterion. Inconsistent product packages are not advisable and designers must opt for something that easier to reproduce in case of reorders and bulk purchases.

Fonts and Colors

In simpler terms, a packaging design must address the requirements of customers, sales channels and even vendors. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for fonts and colors that evoke certain emotions; thereby skyrocketing the sales figures.


Last but not the least, choosing the right language is equally important when it comes to designing a package. To be precise, it actually depends on the sales channels and target audience. Creating content for the packaging designs can come in handy at times and this is where selecting the right language plays its part.

Companies and their respective branding teams work hard towards creating functional and holistic product packaging layouts. However, the entire process requires truckloads of efforts and exceptional graphic design prowess to come through as a successful one. While the quality of products is the most important metric for initiating sales, product packaging is a close second when it comes to persuading the leads and converting them into loyal customers.

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