Neo Pure: Food Safety achieved naturally

Seeds form an essential part of human diet. Seeds contain high amount of essential micro-nutrients that are required for overall wellbeing. They are eaten raw, by themselves, or as an additive on other food such as salad. However, seeds suffer from a drawback. As they are rich in nutrients, they also attract a large number of pathogens. Pathogens such as E.coli, salmonella etc thrive on seeds. There have been several recalls of seed products in recent past due to product being infected by pathogens.

Traditional disinfectant methods are quite successful in removing these pathogens, but they change the biological properties of the seed. Pasteurization changes the biological properties and taste of the seeds.

Neo Pure offers a safe alternative to traditional de contamination methods for seeds. Neo Pure is a safe and effective organic intervention step that is specifically designed to destroy pathogens and microbes on food that have low moisture such as grains and seeds (whole and sprouted). The solution consists of a liquid which is derived from plants and is completely bio degradable. The liquid is sprayed over food seeds in a high throughput turnkey system to ensure that every seed is uniformly coated with the neo pure liquid to achieve maximum efficacy. Neo Pure solution achieves higher than 5 log reduction in pathogens without affecting the Organoleptic or nutritional properties. The neo pure solution is approved by food safety authorities in USA and Canada and it ensures that neo pure treated food stays organic, raw and viable.

The technology that neo pure uses, is highly effective in killing bacteria and spore formers. It has been validated to achieve more than 5-log reduction in pathogens on a wide variety of food items that are dry. It uses Oxygen as a disruptor of the cell structure of the pathogen. It denatures multiple parts of the cell such as Cell wall, DNA, enzymes in a multisite action, thus completely destroying the pathogen without affecting the seed itself. Neo Pure is a broad spectrum solution that is equally affective for both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. Independent test at university labs such as university of Guelph have validate that neo pure achieves more than 5 log reduction for both gram negative and gram positive microbes. The solution is also very effective on non pathogenic yeast, molds and coliforms. Noe pure liquid solution is completely bio degradable. After the liquid has worked on the pathogens, all that remains is free water that is left behind on the surface of the seed or grain. That water is what gets dried up to get the original starting moisture of the seed. The dryers that are specifically built to work with neo pure liquid and are part of new pure system operate at low temperatures to maintain the sensory and nutritional characteristics of the seeds. The dryers operate at surface temperature of a wet bulb i.e. 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus seeds are always below 110 degrees, at which the food is no longer considered raw.  As it is the surface temperature only, the core temperature of the seed is even below 80 degrees, ensuring that the seed as whole remains viable.

The neo pure food system consists of an applicator and an air dryer that are made of a chamber and an air handling unit. The system has high throughput of up to 10 tons per hour. Further the system does not have any special storage requirement. The neo pure liquid solution has a shelf life of more than a few years, so it can be stored safely without losing its potency for well over a year easily.

Neo pure liquid is derived from plants. It is organic and bio degrades leaving no residue. The system meets ‘Generally recognized as safe’ (GRAS) criteria. Neo pure is also certified organic by Ecocert under US National Organic Program and Canadian organic regulations. The neo pure system treated products can be consumed by all communities as it is NON GMO, Kosher and Halal.

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